これは、私が1995年4月〜7月に、 Dr.Casanave's Writing and Writing Process Seminar のプロジェクトとして、 アメリカの高校生にセルフ・カウンセリングについて学んでもらう為に作った冊子を、 ウェブバージョンにしたものです。全て英語で書かれていますが、 渡辺康麿先生が創案された、このセルフ・カウンセリングという、 自分ひとりで行えるカウンセリング法に、興味を持たれた方は読んでみて下さい。 読者をアメリカの高校生と設定として書いたものですが、 より多くの、いろいろな国のいろいろな世代の方々に読んでいただければ、幸いです。

日本語でセルフ・カウンセリングについての文献を読んでみたい方や、 セルフ・カウンセリングについてもっと詳しく知りたい方には、 渡辺康麿先生の著書を読まれることをお薦めします。

この文は、Seminerの話し合いの中で何度も書き直しを重ねていますが、 英語は私の母国語ではないので、 ネーティブスピーカーの使うような英語で書かれてはいないかも知れないことを御了承下さい。 また、この文は、渡辺康麿先生の「セルフ・カウンセリング」(1990年 ミネルバ書房)等の本を参考文献として書かれていますが、 引用符で囲ってある部分以外は、私の文であって、翻訳ではありません。



  1. What is Self-Counseling?
  2. How to do Self-Counseling
  3. From My Descriptions
  4. Through Descriptions
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. References and Thanks

My Dear Friends,

Hello. My name is Aya. I am writing this to introduce you to something I've benefited from, Self-Counseling. How have I benefited? I would like to show you my experience through whole this booklet, so please keep on reading.

It was last September that my mother suggested that I read a book named "What is myself?" written by Yasumaro Watanabe. At first I felt reluctant, but as I went on reading, I remembered and thought about many things which happened to me in the past. This book was something. After finishing reading that book, I felt as though clouds had lifted. I felt like I could find the answers I have been unsure about for a long time. That was my first experience with Self-Counseling.

Since then, I've been very interested in Watanabe's idea on Self-Counseling and I read most of his books. My mother, who has attended Self-Counseling class for longer than a year, also told me what she learned there. The more I know about Self-Counseling, the better I could understand myself, so I started attending Self-Counseling class. Although I was a beginner, I could discover many things through Self-Counseling. Therefore, I decided to write something to introduce American high school students to Self-Counseling. There were two reasons.

Self-Counseling was first made to help us think and write how and by what you have been molded. And as Self-Counseling has developed, it came to be benefited with also by many mothers and fathers, because when mothers and fathers have a problem with their children, they can find a solution easily through Self-Counseling. Now, Self-Counseling is mainly used by mothers to raise children. I think most of you will be a mother or a father in the future. I am sure Self-Counseling will help you a lot at that time. Not only when you become a mother or a father but also now it will help you a lot to discover yourself as it did to me.

I also thought that this book could be an opportunity for you to know a part of Japanese way of thinking through my, Japanese girl's, experience. In "What is myself?", Watanabe says, "Many theories on Japanese people is lack of a point of view about how Japanese people are molded. To put it concretely, it is a lack of basic understanding for how human beings are molded by the connection with their environment. (Yasumaro, Watanabe, 1993: Zibuntte-nandarou, Tokyo, Japan Editor's School Press, 70. All translations by me.)" He also says, "Japanese self-formation is from self-evaluation which belongs to social dimension, because their self-evaluation is done with social-evaluation. (...) Most theories on Japanese people pointed out Japanese people's heteronomous behavior and collective sense of value. It can be said that they all are from their social-evaluation. (Watanabe: Zibuntte-nandarou, p.77-78)" I will explain about it through my experience in this booklet.

I hope you will enjoy reading this booklet.

A. Tanaka

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