From Episode 1

Kevin: Paul was allergic to everything. Wayne used to say he was even allergic to his own snout......He's a funny guy!

---contributed by Ahmad Nazri

From Episode 1

Paul: Well, I guess I'll see you at the bus-stop.
Kevin: Ya.
Paul: Last night I had a dream that when I got to school, I realised I had no clothes on.
Kevin: If you're naked when you got to the bus-stop, I'll tell you.
Paul: Thanks.

---contributed by Ahmad Nazri

From Episode 1

Norma: Hi honey! How's traffic?
Jack: Traffic's traffic.
(In the following episode, the same thing was done)
Norma: Hi honey! How's work
Jack: Work's work.

---contributed by Ahmad Nazri

From Episode 2

Kevin: Hi.
Winnie: Hi.
Kevin: Hi.
Winnie: What are you doing?
Kevin: Nothing.
Winnie: Ah.
Kevin: When do you come back to school?
Winnie: Monday.
Kevin: Ah.
Winnie: But... maybe we can do something tomorrow. I mean, if you want.
Kevin: Yeah. I mean, sure, if you want.
Winnie: Well, I am going to my uncle's in the morning. But I'll be back until three.
Paul: Come on, Kev. Let's go.
Kevin: OK. Well, bye. See you tomorrow.
Winnie: OK. Bye.
Kevin: Bye.

From Episode 7

When Paul picks up the beer, Narrator Kevin is saying basically to Paul, put it down, you know that's crazy. Then Paul gulps down the beer.
Adult Kevin: I guess kids back then just weren't as smart as kids nowadays!

---contributed by Jonathan Strackman

From Episode 11

Winnie: Knock, Knock.
Kevin: Who's there?
Winnie: Sam and Janet.
Kevin: Sam and Janet who?
Winnie: Some enchanted evening...

From Episode 11

Becky: Friends... I'll give you friends!!!!

---contributed by Kristin Carroll

From Episode 20

Karen: I hate to pop your bubble little one, but mom and dad are not the sun and the moon. They are people like you and me.
Narration: Wrongo, they were mom and dad.

---contributed by Okko J. Boelens

From Episode 20

Kevin: Margaret, can I ask you a question?
Margaret: Yes, Kegin.
Kevin: Why do you have 3 pigtails?
Margaret: Because you never know when you need an extra rubberband.

---contributed by Amy Do

From Episode 25

Kevin: My life is not so boring that my only thrill is math.

---contributed by Okko J. Boelens

From Episode 34

Audio clip contributed by Chris Campbell.

After Susan Fisher danced with Kevin, she went back to Donald. Linda leaves Kevin to dance with Steve Padwick. Carla dedicates The Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" to Paul, who jumps up to dance with her. Kevin stands alone, reflecting:
Narrator: All our young lives we search for someone to love.
Paul and Carla dance slowly.
Narrator: Someone who makes us complete.
Kevin shown still alone, then fade to Susan and Donald slow dancing.
Narrator: We choose partners and change partners.
Kevin looks to Linda and Steve in each others' arms.
Narrator: We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope...
Kevin begins to walk through the crowd.
Narrator: ...all the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, there's someone perfect...
Winnie enters gym, smiling.
Narrator: ...who might be searching for us.
Kevin walks toward gym door, as Winnie continues in, searching.
Last chorus of song: I need your love.
I, I need your love.
They unknowingly pass each other through the crowd. The camera pulls back and Kevin exits, Winnie still looking for him.
Song: God speed your love to me.

---contributed by Rob Wellen and Chris Campbell

From Episode 42

Adult Kevin: I'm not sure how I did It, my memories begins with the crack of the bat, and the sight of the ball rising. Maybe that's not exactly what It happens. But that's the way It should have happen, and That's the way I like to remembering. And If dreams and memories sometimes get confused to well... That is It should be, because every kid deserves to be a hero... Every kid already is...

---contributed by Mario Nagano

From Episode 43

After Kevin discovered that Mr. Collins had passed away, Kevin takes the test and aces it. He says to the assistant principal who gave the test,
Kevin: You don't have to grade it. It's an "A".

---contributed by Adam Harris

From Episode 57

Madeline: We think the stars are fixed in the sky, but they are not. I think sometimes we have to learn to give in to change, to the new things.

From Episode 86

Jack: It's not easy being a hero.

---contributed by Aaron Albert

From Episode 94

Adult Kevin: They say men are children, but sometimes children are men; maybe that's where the confusion lies... All I knew was that night the world seemed suddenly very big and I felt very small, so I did what I could...... 1972 was a crazy time. Kids played football, drove cars, went to school, celebrated life; while soldiers, heroes, their brothers struggled to find their way home from war; and young boys watched and grew wiser in their dreams.

---contributed by Aaron Albert

From Episode 104

Narrator: 1972 was a memory, like it or not. The funny thing is, looking back now, what I remember most is how it ended. So maybe that New Years Eve 1972 didn't work out exactly like we had planned. There was heartbreak we didn't anticipate and events we couldn't haveimagined. Still, it wasn't all bad. There was a magician. So maybe there was a message in it all. The future was calling us and no matter what, there was no turning back now."

---contributed by Jack Turner

From Episode 111

Chuck: Maybe you are morons. But let me tell you something. Stuart and Irene Coleman did not raise any morons.
Jeff: No, you deserve for all the credits for that, right?

---contributed by Wesley Elias Ribeir

From Episode 115

We hear Winnie sobbing. Kevin looks down to find her with her eyes shut tight, weeping. He looks open-mouthed at her.
Kevin: Winnie?...
Winnie looks up at him, tears streaming.
Winnie: I don't want it to end!
Kevin kneels down next to her and kisses her. She smiles, opens her horse blanket and reaches out to partially cover him with it, and they embrace with long, tender, passionate kisses.

---contributed by Chris Campbell