"The Wonder Years' Rings True...A Treasure."
-Wall Street Journal

"Funny, heartfelt, and moving...a rare TV phenomenon."
-USA Today

"An absolutely wonderful treat."
-New York Post

"Warm, Funny, and Evocative."
-Associated Press

"A series you can love as well as laugh at."
-Philadelphia Inquirer

"Funny and poignant."
-Miami Herald

"The Wonder Years is fresh, imaginative and intelligent - but most of all, it is true, all true. It is a show about my life. If you're old enough to remember the Tet offensive but too young to remenver the Korean War, it is a show about your life too. Finally, here is the best new series of the season. Grade: A+."
-People Magazine

"The Hottest New Show on Television...A Warm and Welcome Department in Comedy."
-The Washington Post

"A 'Leave It To Beaver' with bite."
-Dallas News

"Simultaneously pokes your funny bone and captures your heart."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"I really liked this show. It gave me the warm fuzzies."
-Atlanta Journal

"Best Comedy. The Wonder Years, ABC's Hearty half-hour slice of life about a boy coming of age in 1968, is quite simply the best show on television. There's more richness in one episode than you see in douzens of other series."
-USA Today, Monica Collins

"The Wonder Years is charming."
-New York Times

"Funny, moving and wise."
-Associated Press

"Nostalgic and charming."
-New York Daily News

"Passing in review: The Wonder Years (Sunday, ABC) The Year was 1968, and growing up in America wasn't easy. There was a war going on in Vietnam, the film "Woman in Love" became the first non-porno to clarly show male genitalia on the big screen and 12-year old Kevin Arnold is about to enter junior high school and "become a man." We know all this because Kevin, now really grown up and feflectiong on his youth, tells us his story via narration. There were "The Wonder Years," you see. That incredible time of life when the constant pressure of mowing the lawn and raking the leaves every Saturday was simply more than one fella could be expected to stand."
-USA Today, Monica Collins

"You'll laugh. You'll cry. But most of all you'll identify."
-Miami News

"A delightful half-hour."
-Detroit News