Time Line of The Wonder Years

1956 Paul was born on March 14th.
Kevin was born on March 18th.
Eisenhower reelected.
(1 to 9)
12 yr old
Kevin enter Robert F. Kennedy Jr. High.
Brian Cooper dies in Vietnam.
Kevin and Winnie have their first kiss.
March - US troops gather hundreds of villagers into groups and "waste" (kill) them in the massacre in the South Vietnam village of My Lai. The incident isnot reported until 20 months later.
Martin Luther King Jr. assasinated.
North Vietnamese stage Tet offensive.
Robert Kennedy assasinated.
Richard Nixon elected president.
(10 to 32)
13 yr old
Winnie goes out with Kirk for a while.
Kevin goes out with Becky for a while.
Paul has Bar Mitzvah.
Harper's Wood cut down.
Kevin meets Teri at the beach.
Winnie's dad moves to Chicago and comes back.
Kevin becomes 8th grade.
Vietnamization policy begins.
On July 16, the spaceship Apollo 11 was launched from Cape Kennedy and America's goal of landing an astronaut on the moon was accomplished next day.
US Congress approves extensive federal tax reforms.
Golda Meir (former Milwaukee schoolteacher) becomes prime minister of Israel.
'Safeguard' antiballistic missile system (ABM) proposed.
US Supreme Court rules that all school segregation must end 'at once'.
November - about 250,000 gather in Washington D.C. in the biggest anti-war demonstration in US history.
(33 to 55)
14 yr old
Kevin and Winnie start going out.
Karen graduate.
Winnie moves and goes to Lincorn Jr. High.
Kevin becomes 9th grade.
Kevin meets Madeline.
May - New York construction workers break up an anti-war demonstration in the Wall Steet area and force City Hall to raise the American flag to full staff, which had been lowered in memory of the Kent State dead.
Amtrak established.
Environmental Protection Agency established.
Minimum voting age in US elections is lowered from 21 to 18 (was included in the 26th Amendment in 1971).
National Guardsmen kill 4 students when they fire into a crowd of anti-war demonstrators at Kent State University.
US Invades Cambodia.
(56 to 78)
15 yr old
Kevin and Winnie break up.
Kevin meets Cara.
Kevin enter McKinley High School.
Wage and price controls.
(79 to 104)
16 yr old
Kevin gets his driver's licence.
Kevin and Winnie get back together.
Karen gets merried to Michael.
Wayne graduates.
Jack quits Norcom and starts his own business.
Norma gets her BA and starts working.
Wayne moves in with Bonnie, but ends breaking up.
Watergate break-in.
May - Nixon visits the Soviet Union for nine days.
Nexon travels to China.
SALT agreement.
Congress approves ERA;goes to states for ratification.
Equal Rights Amendment was ratified by 35 of the 38 states needed to add to theConstitution.
Nixon reelected.
December - President Nixon orders the massive 'Christmas bombing' of Hanoi as part of a blockade of North Vietnam.
(105 to 115)
17 yr old
Karen has a baby.
Ceasefire in Vietnam.
Yom Kippur War in Middle East.
Ervin Committee hearings on Watergate coverup
Arab Oil embargo.
18 yr old
Kevin graduates and leaves his hometown.
Winnie goes to Paris.
Paul goes to Harvard.
Nixon resigns;Gerald Ford becomes president

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